To be considered for admission, a student should have all of the following:

  • a Bachelor degree in any discipline (or its equivalent), or
    the VCI Graduate Diploma of Biblical Ministry* (Students who completed the VCI Graduate Diploma of Biblical Ministry, do not need to do the major project units).
  • a suitable position in Christian ministry.

The satisfactory completion of the four modules of the VCI Foundation Training will be required because the educational objectives of the Foundation Training are incorporated in the MDiv. Should VCI decide to run MDiv cohorts where it is not a requirement for students to have completed the four modules of the Foundation Training, this material needs to be covered in the program itself and the duration will typically be five years.

For general requirements: See under General Admission Policies and Procedures.

* Persons who meet all other admissions requirements but who do not have a Bachelor degree or equivalent can apply for pre-admission status if they demonstrate that they are likely to successfully complete the MDiv. To gain pre-admission status, students may be requested to submit a portfolio that provides: details of ministry experience; details of communication and computer literacy; written exegesis and hermeneutics of a Psalm, passage from Paul's letters, and a passage of Old Testament narrative. The portfolio will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • skills in oral communication
  • skills in written communication
  • ability to think across cultural contexts
  • ability to think in sequential logic.

Persons with pre-admission status may participate in the intensives for the first six units of the MDiv and do not pay fees. They may be admitted as MDiv students if they achieve a minimum grade of B for all six units and pay the tuition fees for those units.