RES901 Research and Writing (3 credits)

In this unit, students learn the specific conventions of scholarly writing at doctoral level, including the requirements and processes for the proposal, the submission for ethical approval, the literature review, scholarly conventions for language and objectivity, working with supervisors, and final writing.

RES902 Project Proposal (3 credits)

The student will be able to compare different kinds of dissertations and projects, select and define a topic, plan a suitable project for the Doctor of Ministry dissertation, establish the alignment of the plan, and present it in an acceptable prospectus or proposal.

RES903 Literature Review (3 credits)

In this unit, the student selects and reviews scholarly and professional literature relevant to the dissertation topic, and gives analysis and reflection. It includes the examination of a variety of similar cases or practices.

RES904 Context and Needs Analysis (3 credits)

This unit is an exploration of relevant cultural factors that affect the specific context of the student’s dissertation topic, including social and worldview aspects. It also includes an exploration of the specific context of the student’s dissertation topic, and an analysis of the needs of different parties involved in the ministry situation.

 RES905 Biblical Basis (3 credits)

Students explore the biblical basis of their topic at a level of thoroughness to support wider implementation of its principles. It typically includes exegesis of relevant passages of Scripture and theological reflection.

 RES906 Fieldwork (3 credits)

This unit comprises the fieldwork component. It includes implementation, any necessary changes in the research plan, and keeping fieldwork records.

RES907 Evaluation and Conclusion (3 credits)

This unit covers the methods of data analysis, write-up, editing, presentation, and final assessment.

RES908 Dissertation (6 credits)

This unit covers the presentation of planning and fieldwork as a dissertation and the process of editing it to the standard of a doctoral dissertation.

RES909 Oral Defense (3 credits)

The oral defense of the dissertation contains a presentation and a defense before a panel of examiners.