A Challenge and a Solution

Church growth in Zambia has been enormous over the past 150 years. Although the first missionaries only arrived in the 1850s, eighty percent of the population claims to be Christian. However, this mammoth growth is accompanied by hidden challenges. An African theologian, Tite Tienou (2001, 2006) has explained that ‘Africa has the fastest growing church in the world; it may also have the fasted declining church! Numerical growth far outpaces spiritual depth and maturity in African Christianity’. He also considers ‘the deepening and nourishing of the faith of those who identify themselves as Christians to be of utmost urgency… This is crucial for the integrity of the gospel’.

A major reason for this critique of African Christianity is the great lack of Bible training. This problem is compounded by inaccessibility of such training for grass-root leaders. Our approach aims to address both of these challenges.

The focus of the curriculum is to equip grass-root church leaders for their ministries and emphasize the essential skills of interpreting, applying and communicating the Bible accurately and sensitively for the context.