Many pastors who have completed the facilitator training courses and are using the Veritas materials to train others report on the positive changes in their lives and ministries.

Pastor Aaron Davies Mulunda, facilitator at Word Of God Church in Lusaka says, ‘I have come to appreciate the training approach of Veritas College. This approach has been meaningful to my personal life and ministry. Having gone through all the four modules, I have been greatly influenced in the area of Bible understanding. The skills to interpret the Bible have helped my teaching and preaching ministry to a large extent. I no longer struggle to preach or teach from the Bible. I am currently teaching a Module Three class which is having a positive impact on my church leaders in the area of spiritual growth as they learn the principles of Bible interpretation. I know this will result in real spiritual growth for the wider church.’ Pastor Alfred Mweemba, Lusaka, shares similar results, ‘it has helped my ministry to be Bible based’.

Beyond the ministry of church pastors, Rev. Fr. Nathan Ngoma comments that ‘the course enabled me to train men’s, women’s and youth’s fellowship leaders as well as Sunday school teachers in my large parish’.

Christopher Chamawe, who leads a praise team at Antioch Mission Centre Church in Lusaka, explains, ‘the Veritas Bible courses have had a very big impact on me. My ministry of music has been enriched… I had to change the lyrics of all the songs… today I can stand before people and preach with confidence’

Lottie Mbuzi, a member of Moved Ministries Bible Church, Lusaka expressed her delight in the training, ‘It has helped me to understand the Bible well and preach with understanding… It has enabled me to train others’.