In the past 150 years, Sub-Saharan Africa has experienced an amazing growth in Christianity. In Malawi, about 80 percent of the population are Christians. Churches are well attended but most churches are served by leaders and members who have little or no access to Bible training to equip them for helping their churches and communities.

The question is, how do we make training accessible and affordable to many leaders and members? One answer is to train local facilitators who in turn will train members in their own church communities.

Training in a local church
Participants training in a local church

The focus of the curriculum is on the essential skills for pastoral ministry which include interpreting, applying and communicating the Bible accurately and contextually sensitively.

You can read more about the Veritas College Education Philosophy here:
Introduction to VC Educational Philosophy

Content of Curriculum: icon Outline: Modules 1-4

Provision of Training Materials

The modular Veritas Bible training materials are available in English and Chichewa. A range of other training materials are also available. Training materials, including Bibles, are subsidized for participants.