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Veritas College Cambodia began its work in 2006. Our goal is to come alongside Church leaders to make Biblical leadership training accessible to pastors, lay pastors and other church leaders. We enable local churches to develop a God-centred, Bible based vision to equip their members for service and leadership. We focus on rural areas where the biggest need is.

Since 2006 multiple church leaders have received training by equipped Veritas facilitators. Most of the students/trainees live in rural areas and are farmers. It is very difficult for them to receive Bible training and we can provide training which is accessible, affordable and applicable in their context. A few pastors commented with appreciation that we are taking the Bible training to them; others said they now know how to preach from a passage and people remember their sermons while previously they preached for 3 hours trying to bring a message and nobody remembered what they preached. 

Veritas College Cambodia is a member of the Evangelical Fellowship Cambodia and is registered at the Cambodian Ministry of Religion as Veritas Network Cambodia since 2012.