A facilitator’s testimony

JohnBaptistJohn Baptist was an imam who came to know the Lord. After his conversion he studied at a Bible college in Tanzania for four years. He then returned to Burundi and accepted to pastor a church.

However, John always felt that he lacked understanding of how to interpret the Bible, especially the Old Testament. In Burundi there is a saying that the Bible is like a forest, and if you enter this forest you will get lost.

In 2010 John Baptist joined a Veritas class of pastors in the very north of the country. John came week after week and at the end of Module 1 he volunteered to facilitate a group of 18 leaders from different churches in the rural area where he lives. He did the same after attending Module 2.
John says that he now receives many complements from church members that he preaches so well and they are convinced he knows everything about the Bible!

A legalistic approach to teaching the Bible confuses many people, but John explains that the Veritas training has equipped him to interpret the different literature types and helps him find the correct absolutes of the biblical text. He testifies that he is now more confident to handle the Word correctly and explains to people that the forest can be known.